Belfast Driver Swaps TX4 for M8

Tony Swaps

July 26, 2007


Members of the public in Belfast are now able to travel in style thanks to local operator Tony McDonald’s decision to purchase Cab Direct’s Mercedes-Benz M8.

Tony decided to trade-in his TX4 in a bid to step up the service he was able to offer both residents and visitors to the city.
Tony explained: “I’ve driven a number of different taxis over the years including the TX4 but the M8 really is something else.   It’s a really smooth drive and I’m already making huge savings on my fuel bills.”
Test Drive
Tony attended the recent Cab Direct roadshow in Belfast and placed his order immediately after test-driving the vehicle.
“The M8 is perfect for every job imaginable, whether it be a trip to the local supermarket or an airport run.  The ExtraSlide rear seat means I can carry six passengers with luggage.”
Huge Interest
“I’ve had a huge amount of interest from other cabbies.  Some of the other lads I know are thinking about changing their vehicle as they can see the obvious benefits in comparison to their current cabs.   At first a few didn’t realise the vehicle comes with a free three year unlimited mileage warranty which gives a cabbie real peace of mind as our vehicle is our livelihood.”
Commenting on Tony’s decision to purchase an M8 Cab Direct Sales Manger David Facenna said, “We’re delighted that Tony made the decision to trade-in his TX4 and can now take advantage of the Mercedes-Benz M8’s numerous benefits for both driver and passengers.”
‘We’re sure Tony’s will be the first of many more M8s on the road in Northern Ireland and we wish him every success for the future.”

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