Peugeot E7 black cabs for sale - HDi Technology

Peugeot E7 Black Cabs for Sale - HDi Technology

Introducing New Euro 5 Diesel Technology

Pioneers in diesel engines since 1928, Peugeot continues to lead the world in diesel technology to the present day.

Powered by the latest generation of Euro 5 diesel engines, the E7 hackney taxi is now more economical than ever before. Offering a class-leading blend of performance and economy, the E7 taxi returns an impressive 42.8 mpg (auto 37.1 mpg) on the combined cycle making it one of the most cost effective hackneys on the market today.

Pulling Power

Power is one thing, smooth performance another. The E7's 2.0 litre HDi engine manages to deliver both at once, for maximum driveability and responsiveness.

In fact, hand in hand with improved efficiency, E7's latest engine returns an increased 130 brake horsepower (auto - 163 brake horsepower). Touch the accelerator and the HDi engine responds instantly and eagerly. Take your foot off the pedal and the E7 decelerates with perfect poise, providing all-round smoothness that's a joy for both driver and passengers.

Euro 5 - Money Saver

When times are tough, it's more important than ever to get the best value out of your cab. It's your livelihood after all. With Peugeot's new Euro 5 diesel engine under the bonnet you can be sure to do just that. With HDi you can work longer - and earn more - on one tank of fuel than you can with other purpose built taxis. Plus, with Euro 5 technology E7 is cheaper for road tax too meaning more money in your pocket.

Now that really matters.

*VCA official fuel consumption figures, combined cycle (manual).