TX4 Customer Switches to E7™

May 29, 2012

Loyal LTI customer Henry Spinks recently made the decision to purchase a Peugeot E7™ and is delighted with the money he’s saving.

Owner of JPL Cabs for the past three years, Henry added the E7™ to his fleet of TX4’s and is astonished that it had taken him so long.

“The E7™ beats the TX4 hands down on every level – comfort, drivability, space, fuel and savings”, enthuses Henry.

In Demand

Henry adds: “I have four TX4s but it’s the E7™ that my staff want to drive”. After test drives, all seven of my regular drivers mentioned how much more comfortable the driver’s seat is and how it’s a pleasure to drive. Currently the E7™ is allocated to one driver but I may need to introduce a rota system as now they all want to drive it!”

Henry continues: “With the economy and recession the way they are at the moment, every penny counts and I couldn’t be happier changing to an E7™.

“With its powerful Euro 5 engine returning an impressive 42.8 mpg, the E7™ is on the road longer on one tank of fuel.

That means it’s earning more money than any of my TX4s.

I even saved money on road tax compared to a TX4 and it’s nice to know that the CO2 emissions are considerably lower than other hackney taxis”.

Great passenger experience

Passengers are equally impressed with JPL’s latest cab. Henry says: “The comments range from ‘mega comfortable ride’ due to the ‘bags of space’ available and the additional luggage room is certainly making it easier for our frequent airport travellers and business travellers”.

A group of JPL customers who are noticing major differences are Henry’s disabled customers. The TX can be a notoriously difficult experience for wheelchair users but the opposite is true for wheelchair users of the E7™, with its revolutionary EasyGlide™ pull-out ramp. The E7™ also has manual or cab-operated electric side-steps, high-visibility grab handles and floor edging to assist passenger entry and exit.

More E7™’s on Their Way

Henry predicts his new E7™ won’t be outnumbered for long and says he plans of buying more E7™’s for his fleet.

Henry concludes: “The fuel savings alone compared to TX4’s have justified the decision to expand my fleet”. “My drivers and customers love the E7™”.

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