Toyota Avensis Taxi Review

April 14, 2017

Toyota has built up a reputation for delivering exactly what the public wants time and time again.  A stalwart of the Toyota family, the Avensis delivers an extremely well-priced vehicle that exceeds expectations when it comes to styling, performance and economy.  Add in our taxi trade exclusive savings and it’s easy to see why Avensis has become a firm favourite within the taxi industry.


Toyota has gone all-out to update the brand with some serious front-end restyling in the latest generation Avensis. With its new grille and headlights – which also include the efficient and very useful LED daytime running light system – the new Avensis has a slicker, more elegant look. At the back the taillight cluster and bumper give a perkier profile too.

From the Business Edition upwards Avensis comes with either 17 or 18 inch alloys which not only look more sophisticated, but deliver a smoother, more comfortable ride – especially for passengers in the back. Sat nav is as also standard from the second in line model, which can prove invaluable for reducing pick-up times and finding the most economical route.


The interior is focused completely around passenger and driver comfort – a top priority for taxi drivers who want to deliver a more refined service to their customers. A subtle interior colour scheme in muted tones is restful and refined and the upholstery is tough enough to put up with the demands of continuous use.

If you’re spending all day behind the wheel, you want to be as comfortable as possible. So the front seat adjustment has been altered to ensure an upright posture that takes the strain off the lower back, with a cushion seat that doesn’t put undue pressure on the back of the legs for all-day driving comfort.

The control panel is well laid out and uncluttered, with the speedometer in the upper element. The air conditioning is quieter too but just as effective to optimise the cabin temperature.

Boot Space

Spacious boots are a must for taxi drivers and the new Avensis doesn’t disappoint. Yes, there are bigger boots out there, but an uncluttered boot with a low lip that makes it easier to lift heavy luggage in and out makes a big difference. There are also plenty of storage places in the front of the car for keeping detritus down to a minimum and providing a cleaner, more organised and more inviting interior for your customers.

The Engine

The 1.6-litre D-4D engine has a six-speed gearbox putting 112hp through the wheels and reaching 60mph in around 11.4 seconds. The 2.0-litre ups the ante slightly with 143hp and a 0-60mph rate of 9.5 seconds.

Toyota has worked hard to increase fuel efficiency and reduce the CO2 emissions by incorporating their ‘Optimal Drive’ engine technology into the package. This not only keeps fuel consumption and emissions down, but also puts the Avensis in a lower road tax category, making it cheaper to run too.

In Summary

The Avensis is known, trusted and relied upon by the taxi industry, and latest models carry on that legacy. With the focus on passenger and driver comfort, Avensis makes an excellent choice for taxi drivers who want to deliver a more sophisticated and refined service to their customers. And with the price tag offering exceptional value, Avensis is set to continue the taxi industry’s love affair with all things Toyota for years to come.

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