Three Year Wait Over for Swindon

April 5, 2012

After a three year wait and seemingly endless council meetings, George ‘Ian’ Beare has finally got his hands on what he’s been waiting for – a new Peugeot E7 taxi.

Last month Swindon became the latest in a long line of towns and cities to abandon the antiquated London Conditions of Fitness.

Ian was first in the queue at the Cab Direct Swindon road show and is delighted with his purchase.  Ian comments: “It’s all about three things for me: comfort, accessibility and versatility”.

“The E7 excels in each of these areas and I can’t wait to start showing it off around Swindon”.

Comfort Cab

Ian gets a variety of jobs as a Swindon taxi driver, from school runs to last minute dashes to the various airports which are an hour’s drive away.

“Passenger comfort is very important and I know my customers will be impressed with my new E7”, says Ian.

Excellent road-holding and modern suspension guarantee passengers a smooth and comfortable ride.  Inside the E7 cab, comfortable facing seating accommodates six passengers in the rear compartment. Business passengers can even plug in their laptop as they enjoy the journey.

Euro 5

The stylish and practical E7 has already revolutionised the UK’s hackney taxi market and looks set to do the same in Swindon.  Powered by the latest generation of Euro 5 diesel engines, the E7 returns an impressive 39.7 mpg on the combined cycle making it one of the most cost effective hackneys on the market.  With its legendary Peugeot HDi engine, you can work longer – and earn more – on one tank of fuel than you can with other purpose built taxis.

“The savings start instantly as I’ll now be paying less road tax”, adds Ian.

Taxi drivers looking to purchase an E7 will also be impressed with the price – a whopping £6,500 less expensive than a TX4.

Changes in Swindon

Ian has been lobbying for three years for changes to Swindon’s licensing conditions and was delighted when these were finally modernised.  This leaves only 10 local authorities out of 373 in the UK which still cling to the protectionist ‘turning circle’ regulations, first created in 1906.

Number 1 Client

Easy-to-use accessibility for wheelchairs is a big plus for hard-working cabbies nowadays.  Ian says: “It’s about time as a lot of my best customers need comfortable wheelchair access”.

Ian brought his top client, Natalie, along to the roadshow so she could check out the vehicle which will now be her main source of transport.

Natalie comments: “This will make a huge difference”. “I use Ian daily to get to work and for nights out and the new E7 taxi will save me time and make all my journeys that bit more pleasant”.

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