The Original Mercedes Taxi

November 6, 2009

The original Mercedes taxi, Cab Direct’s M8, has proved a big hit amongst UK cabbies since its launch.  Tailor made for the professional driver and complete with full purpose-built specification, the Mercedes-Benz  M8 is the ultimate hackney taxi, providing room for up to eight passengers to travel in comfort and style.

New Model

Now, for the first time, Cab Direct’s Mercedes Taxi is available in a short wheelbase model, sparking keen interest from drivers preferring a more compact cab.

Gary Masterton, from Edinburgh, was the first driver in Scotland’s capital to take delivery of the new Compact model.  He comments:  “I absolutely love my new taxi.  It’s a quality cab.  You know you’re getting a reliable vehicle with Mercedes.  Plus, with a three year unlimited mileage Mercedes warranty you’ve got complete peace of mind.”


The Mercedes-Benz brand inevitably prompts high expectations.  Thankfully, Cab Direct’s M8 cab more than exceeds these.  High quality engineering reliability together with service intervals of 18,000 miles are your promise of spending more time on the road.

The M8 taxi has also been designed to make problems easy to diagnose and address, helping you keep costs and lost time down should you ever have need for repairs.

A Pleasure to Drive

With its second-generation CDI diesel engine, the Mercedes M8 taxi offers superb responsiveness and driveability.  Available with the choice of 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission, the Mercedes offers the perfect cab for the modern day driver.  Plus, with state of the art common-rail engine technology, high pressure injection and
exhaust turbo charger, the M8 combines optimum performance with economical fuel consumption.

Gary comments:  “Driving the M8 is an absolute pleasure.  It drives like a dream.  I’ve been really impressed with the fuel consumption too.  And the comfort levels in the cab are just superb.  Cab Direct’s top-specification driver’s seat is just great.  It’s the perfect vehicle for a hackney driver.”


Another plus point for Gary is the amount of space the M8 cab affords him.  He explains:  “There’s plenty of room in the M8.  The driver compartment is really spacious – it really adds to the comfort for me.  The rear compartment is perfect too.  I know I can take every fare, bags and all, without any hassle.”

With M8’s unique ExtraSlide™ rear seat you can create loads of space in the back for luggage and other baggage.  With a 60 / 40 split the rear seat can also be partially folded to accommodate extra long items of luggage or even removed completely from the quick release tracking.  Add to this wheelchair access and you have the versatility to cater for every fare.

Gary concludes: “I would recommend the Mercedes M8  taxi to anyone.  I can’t fault it.  Cab Direct is my fist choice supplier too – I’ve been well looked after.

For more information on the Mercedes-Benz M8 taxi call Cab Direct free on 0800 916 3021,  email or click here.

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