Tax Free Taxi

April 1, 2010

Cab Direct’s incredible offer on the Hyundai i30 Estate just got even better, thanks to the Government’s new ‘showroom tax’ initiative.

From today, all new cars are subject to a new rate of road tax for the first year based on CO2 emissions.  Whilst this will result in an increase in cost on some taxis, the i30 is now completely exempt from tax in its first year, making it more economical than ever!

Combining style, comfort and a high specification that delivers unbelievable value for money, the Hyundai i30 Estate is the intelligent choice for economy minded taxi drivers.

Engine Economy

Capable of returning over 60 miles per gallon, Hyundai’s highly economical diesel engine will not only save you money but also time filling up – time that’s better spent on the road, earning money!  Well suited to the taxi trade, the i30’s powerful 1.6 litre diesel engine also guarantees a relaxing, stress-free drive every fare.

Taxi Warranty

Better yet, Cab Direct has negotiated an unbelievable five year / 100,000 mile taxi warranty which not only adds to the value of this already fantastic deal but also gives you that added peace of mind.

With all these advantages and a tasty spec list including air conditioning, body-coloured bumpers and alloy wheels as standard, you might expect the i30 to be an expensive proposition.  In fact, thanks to Cab Direct’s exclusive taxi trade partnership with Hyundai, you can own all of this for much less than you think.

At only £47.95 on the road the i30 packs a huge punch.

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