Perfect Vehicle for the Taxi Trade

February 5, 2009

Brian Moore, from Livingston, near Edinburgh, is delighted that he opted for the Peugeot E7 for his new hackney cab.

Designed and manufactured jointly by Peugeot and Cab Direct, reliability and performance are hallmarks of the E7’s success in the hard-working UK hackney taxi fleet.  Purpose-built for the professional taxi driver, the E7 combines a class-leading engine with ground-breaking new features, providing the perfect cab for the taxi trade.

It was the E7’s good looks, as much as anything, that attracted Brian to the E7 initially.  He explains: “I’d been driving a TX on lease but decided I wanted to buy my own cab.  I really like the look of the E7 – it’s a really striking, attractive vehicle.”


Brian also received recommendations from other drivers on the rank who praised the E7.  And since receiving his new cab, Brian has been doing the same.

He comments: “The driveability is absolutely great – it’s like driving a car.  When you do a shift, it really doesn’t matter where you drive to, you can just sit back and take it easy.  What a difference!”

A £473 million development programme is behind the success of the E7, creating the ideal combination of engine, clutch and gearbox, designed and tested in tandem with the E7’s high strength monocoque vehicle body.  The modern design excellence is clear to see and the superb driving position, high impact partition screen and comfortable rear passenger compartment combine to complete the ideal hackney taxi.


Brian is particularly impressed with the comfort levels.  He says: “The E7 is a hundred times better than the TX.  The comfort is just fantastic.  And my customers have commented too.  Plus the noise, or lack of, is great too.  I used to struggle to hear my customers over the engine when I was on the motorway but I don’t have that problem any more.”

Brian continues in his praise: “The space is amazing.  The sliding seats come in really handy.  Plus, I chose the EasyWipe™ interior and it’s fantastic – so easy to clean.  And it’s superb on fuel consumption too – I’m getting about 40 miles to the gallon.  Really the E7 is just great, I can’t fault it.”

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