New E7 Speaks for Itself

January 5, 2009

The purpose-built E7 cab has already revolutionised the UK’s hackney taxi market and the new generation from Cab Direct and Peugeot is proving a huge success amongst the UK taxi trade, impressing drivers with even more ground-breaking features.

One such customer is Brian Murray from Cambridge. Brian was already a happy driver with his Peugeot EuroTaxi from Cab Direct.  However, when he saw the new E7 he knew it was time to change: “It doesn’t compare.  I simply can’t believe how far you’ve come in the last 5 years – it makes me wonder where you’ll be in the next 5!”

Carrying Capacity

Brian, who works from the railway station, is no stranger to luggage laden customers but thanks to new E7’s design – accommodating an amazing 70% more luggage space – he never has a problem:

“It’s just fantastic”, enthuses Brian.  “There’s so much room – especially with the ease of moving the rear passenger seat forward.  And you can also get luggage in the front if need be.”

Indeed the celebrated EasySlide™ rear seat is a big hit with drivers, enabling you to create even more space for loading cases out of harm’s way. You can also choose an additional luggage pen or tip-up seat up front.  And, for the first time, you have the option of the E7 plus with a longer wheelbase for even greater luggage room.

Brian isn’t the only one happy with his purchase as he quips: “Lots of customers have commented on the style and quality of my new cab”.

Fuel Benefit

Historically in his area taxis have been TX’s or saloon cars but, as Brian explains, change is afoot: “TX’s are on their way out here I think.  They were already too expensive anyway and now, with the rise in fuel prices, it’s even worse.

“I’m always being asked to demo the new E7 to the other drivers and they are never disappointed.”

Designed and manufactured jointly by Peugeot and Cab Direct the new E7 taxi is synonymous with quality and reliability. The secret of that success lies in a vehicle that is genuinely purpose-built for the modern-day, professional driver. As Brian suggests: “The new E7 speaks for itself.”

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