Met Police Praise London Cabbies

January 27, 2014

London taxi drivers have been praised for helping foil numerous cases of fraud.

Vigilant cabbies were commended by the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London after helping bring more than 60 taxi scams to justice over the past year.

Illegal cabs continue to be an issue throughout the UK but nowhere is the problem worse than in London.

Authorities point out that this presents a threat to members of the public, who are unaware of who is in the driver’s seat, as well as stealing business from law-abiding taxi drivers.  It seems the pro-active cabbies of London have taken it upon themselves to crack-down on these petty criminals.

London Taxi Ranks

London taxi drivers have been keeping a watchful eye on city ranks and passing on valuable information to police officers.  Every report has been and will continue to be followed up by an investigation.

A spokeswoman for Metropolitan Police said: “Work to crackdown on this illegal activity continues.

“We appreciate the information that has been provided to us so far and can assure you that all reports are investigated.  We will continue to publicise our results and, in the meantime, we urge you to contact us if you have any information about a suspected illegal taxi driver or any other illegal cab activity.”

Valuable Intelligence

Last year, a 52-year-old male was found guilty of nine offences under the Fraud Act.  He was found carrying a counterfeit taxi licence as well as forged badges and plates, which he used to hire black cabs to ply the streets of the capital.

His unlawful doings were only uncovered due to “valuable intelligence” forwarded by taxi drivers in the city.

A police spokeman said: “The recent activity builds upon an increased focus over the past 18 months following information received from the taxi trade, which has seen over 60 arrests and some severe sentences being given.”

Without the help of London taxi drivers, many of these criminals may not be found.  If you have any suspicions please email any information to

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