Manchester Taxi Driver Commended for Saving Man’s Life

May 18, 2017

A quick-thinking taxi driver has been praised by Manchester Police for helping to save a man’s life. Cabbie, Naveed Mubashar, managed to stay calm whilst a passenger in the back of his cab was viciously attacked by a gang.

The nightmare journey started in Blackley when Mr Mubashar picked up two men. Everything seemed normal right up to the point where Mr Mubashar dropped his passengers off. As one passenger paid the fare, the alert cabbie noticed a car pull up and a gang of five men get out. One of the passengers ran away on seeing the men but the other was trapped in the back of the cab where he was viciously assaulted by a knife-wielding man. The frenzied attack resulted in the passenger being stabbed eight times in his arms and legs before the gang made a quick exit in their car.

Quick-thinking Taxi Driver

The cab driver could see that the man’s dramatic blood loss meant there was no time to call an ambulance so drove him to the nearest hospital. Throughout the journey, he made sure his injured passenger stayed conscious and kept talking to him. When he arrived at the hospital, he saw the other man who had been chased away also arriving in an ambulance. Naveed Mubashar stayed at the hospital for three hours helping police with their inquiries, including giving up his cab so that forensic testing could be carried out.

A Frightening Ordeal

“There’s no knowing how a situation like this is going to turn out but thank goodness he wasn’t injured too.”

Despite being an experienced cabbie who has seen his fair share of late night altercations over the years, this violent assault has left Naveed shaken. He’s taken a few weeks off to recover from the experience and to come to terms with just how close he came to being stabbed himself.

The traumatic event happened last year and in recognition of his quick thinking and key role in saving his passenger’s life, Naveed Mubashar was presented with a commendation by Manchester Police Chief Constable, Ian Hopkins. He said: “Naveed was put in such a difficult position, wanting to help his injured passenger but at the same time not wanting to put himself in danger. There’s no knowing how a situation like this is going to turn out but thank goodness he wasn’t injured too.”

The victims decided not to support the police investigation into the attack and nobody has yet been arrested for the incident. In the meantime, Naveed Mubashar is back doing the job he loves, providing a service to the people of Manchester.

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