M8 Goes Down A Storm in Edinburgh

July 16, 2010

Cab Direct’s original Mercedes-Benz hackney taxi, the stunning M8™, has proved a massive success throughout the UK since its launch in 2006.  Cabbie Kevin Hay, who has been driving in Scotland’s busy capital city for seven years, explains why the M8™ is the perfect taxi partner.

Kevin says: “I’ve owned a few taxis over the years but when I saw Cab Direct’s M8™, there was only one taxi for me.  Before I was driving taxis I was a mechanic so I know the importance of a reliable vehicle.  You can’t beat Mercedes for that.  The M8™ is, by far, the best taxi I’ve ever had.”

Unlimited Mileage Warranty
There’s little doubt that quality and reliability have become synonymous with the Mercedes-Benz brand.  So reliable, in fact, that all M8’s from Cab Direct come with a manufacturer’s three year unlimited mileage warranty giving you all the reassurance you need.

Comfort Cab
Taxiing is a serious commitment and can place strenuous demands on today’s busy driver.  With long hours spent behind the wheel, comfort is paramount.  As such, the M8™ has been designed and manufactured to create the perfect working environment.

The comfortable, supportive driver’s seat is ergonomically shaped for a commanding driving position and offers numerous adjustment options so you can choose your ideal set up.

The spacious and bright driver compartment also offers lots of practical features to make your life easier.  There’s plenty of room in the rear compartment too.  The M8™ even features a unique ExtraSlide™ rear seat allowing you to create extra room for passengers, or for their luggage, as each fare requires.  Add front and rear air conditioning and you can be assured of optimum comfort whatever the weather.

Kevin comments: “I’ve been really impressed with the comfort levels in the M8™.  It’s fantastic on a long journey.  It’s really spacious and the air con is a big hit with the customers.”

Another key point for the modern day cabbie is driving performance.  With its second generation CDi diesel engine the M8™ offers plenty of rev-pulling power, making for superb responsiveness and driveability.   Environmental efficiency is also achieved through M8’s state of the art common-rail engine technology.

Plus, with the choice of 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission, you can choose the perfect cab for you.

Again, Kevin has nothing but praise for the M8™.  He says: “The M8™ provides a really smooth drive.  It’s like a car.  The running costs are fantastic too.  It’s simply a great machine.”

Access for All
Complete with full hackney specification and offering full wheelchair access, the M8™ provides the ultimate in hackney taxis, allowing you to cater for every fare.  With lightweight twin telescopic ramps the M8™ offers safe and convenient wheelchair access.  The spacious rear compartment also makes light work of manoeuvring the wheelchair passenger into a safe travelling position.

Kevin comments: “Wheelchair access is a breeze with the M8™.  My passengers are in safely and on route in no time at all.  It’s great.”

Kevin adds: “I’m a critical sort of guy and not one to give praise easily but I really can’t fault the M8.”

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