Khalid Finds his Perfect Cab

June 1, 2009

Experienced cabbie Khalid Hafeez, from Edinburgh, has owned and worked in no less that four cabs in the last 18 months but is happy to report that he has found the perfect vehicle for the job in the Mercedes-Benz M8 hackney cab from Cab Direct.

Khalid, who has been a cabbie for nine years, recently traded in his TX4 for the M8 after owning the latest LTI model for only nine months.

He explains:  “I got so despondent with my TX I completely lost faith in it.  It was off the road more often than it was on and I just decided enough was enough.  It got to the stage where I just didn’t feel safe.  And when you’re vehicle is your office you just can’t have that.
Khalid adds: ‘The M8 taxi, however, is simply far superior.  And cheaper!  Things just don’t go wrong.”

Every M8 hackney cab from Cab Direct comes with the reassurance of a 3 years unlimited mileage Mercedes-Benz warranty.  Mercedes technology also ensures safety is of no concern and the M8 offers market leading standards of stability and stopping power.

The unique Electronic Stability Programme does just as it says.  Powerful disc brakes combined with anti-locking braking system (ABS) and other high performance controls keep braking distances reassuringly short and ensure the vehicle remains in control, even in emergency situations.  And should you ever have the need for it, the safety steering column and full-size driver’s airbag could one day be your lifeline.

And with European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval for the M8 cab, why should you settle for anything else?  Khalid says: “You don’t have to worry with the M8.  I have complete peace of mind.”

Khalid was initially surprised by the affordable price of the M8 taxi and he has continued to be pleasantly surprised with his savings ever since.

He comments: “I’ve been very impressed with the fuel economy in the M8 cab.  It’s much better than what I expected.  And the costs to tax the vehicle are dramatically less than what I’m used to.  Combine that with 18,000 mile service level intervals and it’s clear that the M8 taxi is a great money saver.”

With its brilliantly finished interior in full hackney specification plus generous space for both passengers and luggage, the M8 taxi is guaranteed to impress.  And Khalid is testament to that.  He explains: “The M8 cab is in a different class.  It’s just an excellent machine and a tremendous work-horse – it has it all.  I would recommend it to anybody.”

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