Guernsey E7 Paints a Picture

March 8, 2010

Kevin Marsh has had his very eye-catching Peugeot E7™ taxi for a year now and couldn’t be prouder of what he deems the ideal cab for the job.

Kevin, who has worked as a cabbie in Guernsey for the last six years, says: “I’ve read many fantastic reports about the E7 over the years and I’m happy to say that all the positive comments from other taxi drivers are true.  I can’t praise the E7 taxi highly enough.”

Kevin’s taxi is adorned with images of Herm Island, the smallest of the Channel Islands that’s open to the public.  Not surprisingly he receives many comments from visitors and his fellow islanders.  He explains: “I do all the taxi work in Herm Island and the customers absolutely love my E7- it always turns heads.”

Comfort Cab

Having previously driven a Ford galaxy, one of the biggest plus points for Kevin is the comfort levels in the E7.  He comments: “It’s a pleasure driving the E7.  It’s just beautiful when it comes to comfort.  You can do a 12 hour shift easily and not feel shattered at the end of the day.”

Designed and manufactured jointly by Peugeot and Cab Direct, the E7 has been built with the modern day driver in mind.  A specially crafted driver’s seat, offering active, pump-action height and tilt adjustment and extra lumbar support, is your assurance of a comfortable ride every fare.  Passengers will also benefit from a relaxing and enjoyable ride thanks to E7’s excellent road holding and modern suspension.

Bags of Space

Working in the Channel Islands Kevin is no stranger to tourists.  As such, space is a big priority and one that his E7 taxi accommodates with ease.  Not only does the rear compartment provide plenty of room for a full passenger load, but the E7 also allows you to create even more space thanks to the EasySlide™ rear seat, offering additional luggage capacity.

Kevin says: “I pick up a lot of tourists and, in terms of space, the E7 is great.  I can carry seven passengers and their luggage with no problems.”

Access for All

Another area where the extra room comes in handy for Kevin is in carrying wheelchair passengers.  E7’s wide doorway, large flat-floor area and improved headroom make manoeuvring wheelchair passengers into the correct travelling position a breeze.  Cab Direct’s revolutionary EasyGlide™ under-floor pull out ramp also makes access to the taxi quick and easy for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties.

Kevin comments: “I do regular wheelchair access work and the E7 taxi is absolutely perfect.  The ramp is so convenient and there’s plenty of space too.”

Kevin continues in his praise: “I absolutely love my E7 and I would never go back to driving anything else.”

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