Gang Launches an Unprovoked Attack on Basildon Cabbie

May 12, 2017

Once again, the ugly spectre of assaults on taxi drivers has reared its head as a cabbie was left fearing for his life after being deliberately targeted in Basildon.

The attack happened at around 9:30pm on Monday 1st of May after the unnamed cabbie dropped off two young children on Oak Lane. As the children got out of the vehicle the driver was blinded by the headlights of a Nissan Juke and before he knew what was happening, rocks and metal projectiles were thrown at his cab. The driver feared not only for his own safety but for the safety of his young passengers. Thankfully, the two children were unharmed physically but the driver says they were terrified during the assault.

The attack was carried out by around six people who were either unaware or simply didn’t care about the presence of the children, as well as the potential damage to the taxi.

The gang chased the cab as the driver tried to get away but fortunately he managed to make his escape and report the attack to the police.

No Motive

“We just want the offenders not to attack us when all we’re trying to do is make a living and keep children safe.”

It seems that there was no motive behind the attack as the driver had not been involved in any previous altercations that may have triggered the situation. The event has left the man shaken and around £400 out of pocket for the cost of the repairs to his cab.

The event has also threatened to turn yet another part of Basildon into a ‘no-go’ area for cab drivers. Ralph Morgan, spokesman for the Basildon Hackney Carriage Association, explained: “There are some areas in Basildon that drivers deem too dangerous to go at night. We just want the offenders not to attack us when all we’re trying to do is make a living and keep children safe.”

This incident proves that unprovoked, random attacks like this not only put drivers at risk but passengers too. And when those passengers are young children, the situation becomes even more concerning.

Contact the Police with Information

Essex police are investigating the incident and anyone who has any information on the gang, the Nissan Juke involved or the attack itself can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or Essex Police on 101.

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