Flying Colours for Farnborough E7s

February 3, 2007


Experienced cabbies Stuart Keenan and Paul Larby have received a boost to their earnings thanks to the Peugeot E7.

Stuart and Paul, from Farnborough in Hampshire, have both driven various types of hackney over the years. Now both are benfitting from the modern features of Cab Direct’s flagship vehicle.

When asked what he liked about the purpose-built Peugeot hackney Stuart explained: “The E7 is undoubtedly the most comfortable taxi I’ve driven.  My regulars often comment on how smooth it is while the EasyGlide ramp makes loading and unloading wheelchair passengers so much easier.”


Paul added: “The fuel economy is excellent and I’m now saving over £30 per week compared to my last taxi. Also, the maintenance costs are much lower than what I used to pay which is another bonus.”

With more and more drivers throughout the UK switching to the E7, passengers are enjoying the benefits associated with such a modern vehicle.

Paul continued: “One of the other lads on the rank bought an E7 last year and once I’d had a test drive I knew this was the vehicle for me.  I’ve found that the passengers think the E7’s great too. At the end of the day our customers are our livelihood so keeping them happy is the most important thing.


Cab Direct General Manager of Sales, Peter Facenna, commented: “We’re delighted that Stuart and Paul chose to drive the Peugeot E7 after recognising its modern features designed to offer an even better level of service to their customers. “

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