First Peugeot E7 Taxi in Nottingham

July 21, 2009


Since Nottingham City Council took the decision to approve the Peugeot E7 taxi in April, there’s been huge interest amongst cabbies in the city for Cab Direct’s purpose built favourite.  Not surprisingly local cabbies strongly welcomed the right to a wider choice of vehicles and with excellent fuel economy, unsurpassed storage space and a host of additional safety features, E7 fits the bill perfectly.

Since the council announced their decision, many drivers have taken the opportunity to test-drive the purpose-built cab.  One such driver is Maroof Hussain who is now the very first driver to take delivery of his new Peugeot E7.  Maroof comments: “I was very happy when the council passed the E7 taxi.  In my opinion it’s the perfect cab for the modern day driver and I’m delighted to be the first driver in Nottingham to have one.”

World Class Drive

Powered by the latest generation of Peugeot HDi engines, the E7 offers the perfect blend of performance and economy.  E7’s 2.0 litre HDi engine delivers both power and smooth performance for maximum driveability and responsiveness.   Not only that, Peugeot diesel technology will also save you money with improved efficiency, helping to reduce your fuel bills.

Maroof says: “I opted for the Peugeot E7 for reliability, fuel economy and over all running costs.  Plus, with 5 years unlimited mileage warranty and 3 years AA cover, I have all the peace if mind I need.”


New E7 has been designed by Cab Direct with the requirements of the modern day driver front of mind.  Whether you’re looking for comfort, space, safety or reliability, the E7 taxi has it all.  Plus with the revolutionary EasyGlide™ under-floor ramp,accessibility is sure never to prove a problem again.

Having previously driven the TX1 Maroof is delighted with the benefits his new cab offers.  He says: “There’s loads of room in the E7.  It’s a very versatile cab and with the EasySlide™ rear seat and the under-floor pull-out ramp, I know I can cater for every fare.  The space is phenomenal and the ramp is so convenient and easy to use, I really can’t fault the E7.”

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