East Riding Face Compulsory CCTV Under New Licensing Rules

April 26, 2019

Compulsory CCTV must be installed in all taxis by April 2020 in East Riding and taxi drivers could lose their licenses if they fail to comply with the new regulations.

Until recently, East Riding Council operated a voluntary scheme, set up over three years ago, to encourage drivers to have cameras installed in their taxis.

Over 200 licensed cabs in the area installed cameras in line with the scheme and the rest will be required to equip their vehicles with CCTV or dashcam footage by next year.

Councillor Shaun Horton, said: “The reaction to the voluntary scheme has been extremely positive. It’s been welcomed by the industry and passengers alike and I’m sure this new policy will also be a success.”

Safety & Security

The majority of taxi drivers are in favour of the new rules and believe CCTV will enhance security and protection for both themselves and their passengers.

The number of incidents such as fare-dodging and violence is hoped to be reduced as footage can be used as evidence by police.

Director of Communities and Environment, Paul Bellotti, said: “Since the camera systems were implemented, feedback from drivers has indicated that they feel there’s been a reduction in violent incidents and non-payment of fares.

“Some feedback from passengers confirmed that they felt safer when there was a camera installed. In addition, footage has been used by the police and licensing authority in investigations which have led to actions against individuals for assault of drivers and passengers.”

Support for CCTV

A beneficial outlook to the proposed new rules had been recently highlighted in Hull Magistrates Court.  Two female passengers were prosecuted after racially abusing a driver in his taxi following evidence shown on CCTV footage last month.

Hull taxi driver, Neil Broadley, supports the CCTV initiative and said: “I think it’s a good idea for drivers protection. CCTV is a good thing if an accident happens, or if there’s an accusation made against a driver or against a customer. It gives you that bit of reassurance”.

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