E7™ Taxi Takes Off in Norwich

July 27, 2010

Since winning a six-year struggle to get the market-leading modern E7 taxi licensed, Norwich cabbies have been taking to the Peugeot taxi like ducks to water.

Veteran cabbie Robert Clarke, who has been working as a taxi driver in Norwich for a massive 21 years, recently became the lastest convert when he swapped his Metrocab taxi for the purpose-built Peugeot E7™, from Cab Direct.

Robert explains why he opted for the modern-style taxi favourite: “When I decided it was time to buy a new cab I took recommendations from my colleagues on the rank – after all, who better to offer advice than other taxi drivers themselves?  I had a test-drive too and after that I didn’t take much convincing.”

Since being passed by Norwich City Council last year, following Cab Direct’s landmark victory at the High Court, there has been overwhelming demand for the E7™ from Norwich-based cabbies who are delighted to finally have the right to a choice of vehicle.

Robert says: “I’d guess there’s now about 30 E7 taxis around the ranks in Norwich.  Now that I have mine, I’ll be recommending that other drivers make the change too.  The E7™ is just fantastic.”

Economy Taxi

Powered by the latest generation of Peugeot HDi engines, the E7™ power plant is even smoother than its illustrious predecessors, offering a class leading blend of performance and economy.  E7’s aerodynamic modern design, featuring a low profile taxi sign and rear spoiler for reduced wind resistance, also offers greater efficiency and is guaranteed to save you money.

Robert comments: “The fuel economy is fantastic in the E7™ taxi. I’ve been really impressed.  It’s great to drive too – really smooth.  I also love that the engine is so quiet.”

Bags of Room

Where E7™ excels is in the amount of room it affords you.  The E7’s spacious passenger compartment promises taxi customers a relaxing journey every fare.  Plus, thanks to E7s celebrated EasySlide™ rear seat you can create even more room for your passengers or for their luggage in the back.  This versatility means space will never be a problem again.

Robert says: “I love all the room in the E7.  I find it really comfortable and I know my customers love it too.”

You’ll also find numerous handy storage areas for the daily essentials of the hard-working taxi driver.  In addition to overhead lockers, door cubbies and under-seat pockets, the centre console storage bin is sure to prove useful – as will the dashboard mounted retractable cup holders.

First Class

Meeting the demands of the modern day cabbie, there’s no better taxi for the job.  A sentiment felt wholeheartedly by Robert.  He concludes: “I’d recommend the E7™ to anyone in the market.  I even wrote to Cab Direct to let them know just how pleased I am with my new cab.  The service they provide, just like the E7™, is first class.”

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