E7 Taxi Can’t be Faulted

March 18, 2009

Alan Cowper, from Edinburgh, recently took delivery of his new Peugeot E7 from Cab Direct and he is a very happy man.

Alan, who works with Central Taxis in Scotland’s capital, has been an Peugeot E7 driver for quite some time now, having also owned the original model.  Now he’s convinced he’s found the perfect cab for the job.

No Turning Back

Alan says: “I had the LTI TX11 model before but when the E7 was passed in Edinburgh I couldn’t wait to change.  And I won’t ever go back.”

Designed and manufactured jointly by Peugeot and Cab Direct, the Peugeot E7 brings you a new generation of hackney cab, purpose-built for the professional driver.  Reliability and performance are the hallmarks of the Peugeot E7’s success, combining a class leading engine, drive train and vehicle body designed to work in perfect harmony.

Alan comments: “For driveability the Peugeot E7 is a breeze.   I know some people are concerned about the turning circle but really it’s no problem at all.   New E7 is a superior cab, I simply can’t fault it.”

Comfort and Convenience
Inspired vehicle design has created even greater driver comfort in the Peugeot E7.  The carefully sculpted driver’s seat comes with active, pump-action height and tilt adjustment which, combined with steering column adjustment, allow you to create your optimum driving positions.  The top specification driver’s chair even provides additional lumbar support – perfect for anyone who spends long hours behind the wheel.

Alan says: “The Peugeot E7 is excellent for comfort.  It’s like driving a car.  You don’t feel like you’ve done a shift.  The space is a bonus too.  There’s loads of room in the rear cabin – it’s ideal for wheelchairs.”

Fuel Economy
Alan has also noticed a difference in the running costs with the Peugeot E7 taxi.  He comments: “The E7 is really economical to run.  In terms of fuel and service, it’s ideal.”

The E7 taxi’s Peugeot HDi engine is quite simply one of the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly power-plants on the market.  Because Peugeot’s direct injection system delivers fuel with incredible precision, HDi engines carefully regulate use of fuel, cutting the overall amount you need and making them more economical than other diesel engines.

On top of this, the Peugeot E7’s modern aerodynamic shape, including the stylish low-profile taxi sign and rear spoiler, also improves fuel consumption through reduced wind resistance.  So much so, in fact, that the Peugeot E7 delivers an impressive 38 mpg on the combined test cycle.

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