E7 Comes up Trumps

March 9, 2009

Chris King from Burgess Hill in West Sussex is the proud owner of New Peugeot E7 XS.  Having driven an array of cabs, including saloons, TX’s and the old style classic from Cab Direct, he is well placed to offer his critique.

Drive and Comfort

When your cab is your office it’s vital that you have the right vehicle for the job.  That’s why E7 was designed with the requirements of the modern-day driver front of mind.  Like many cabbies, Chris puts in a lot of hours – no less than 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.  In fact, he did over 900 miles in his first three days with his New E7.

As such, comfort is a high priority.  And Chris hasn’t been disappointed.  He explains: “New E7 drives like a car – it’s certainly as good as any saloon I’ve driven.  And the handling is just superb.  The comfort levels are excellent too.  It’s by far the best taxi I’ve had.  I would never go back.”

Bags of Room

Today’s passengers often come with plenty of luggage and being able to accommodate this is crucial.  That’s why New E7 brings you an amazing 70% more luggage capacity.  Even better, the celebrated EasySlide™ rear seat allows you to create even more space for loading cases out of the way.  And now with the option of the E7 plus, the long wheelbase model offering even greater room, you’re sure to be able to cater for every fare.

Chris opted for the E7 plus and he’s definitely noticed the difference.  He says: “The boot space in my new cab is incredible.  I recently took 6 passengers with 12 lots of luggage to the airport and it was no problem.  The driving area is more spacious too.  I couldn’t be happier.”


There is little doubt that taxis provide a vital component of the UK’s public transport network.  Disabled people in particular often depend on taxis to get around, which is why New E7 raises standards in accessibility for disabled passengers with Cab Directs revolutionary EasyGlide™ ramp.

The versatility provided by New E7 has proved to be one of the biggest plus points for Chris.  He explains: “The EasyGlide ramp is simply brilliant.  It literally takes seconds to secure a wheelchair passenger.  As far as I’m concerned everybody has the right to public transport and New E7 makes that effortless.  The twin electric side-steps are an excellent feature too.”

Chris enthuses about New E7 XS.  He says:  “I can’t fault my new cab and I would definitely recommend it.  The service I received at Cab Direct was fantastic too.  I’m most certainly a happy customer.”

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