Double Delight

May 30, 2007


Experienced cabbies Alistair Hosie and Chris Paterson from Bridge of Weir in Renfrewshire, near Glasgow, have received a boost to their earnings thanks to the spacious Peugeot Station Wagon.

Alistair and Chris have driven various types of car over the years.  Now both are benefiting from the Peugeot Station Wagon’s versatility and range of modern features.

When asked what he liked about the Station Wagon Alistair explained: “The 307 Station Wagon is a great all-purpose car and undoubtedly one of the most comfortable vehicles I’ve driven.  My regulars often comment on how smooth it is while the vast boot capacity makes it perfect for my regular airport runs.”


Chris added: “The fuel economy is excellent and I’m now saving over £25 per week compared to my last vehicle.  My colleagues thought I was kidding at first but they are all very impressed with the vehicle.”

Chris continued: “Once I’d had a test drive I knew this was the vehicle for me.  I’ve found that the passengers think the Station Wagon’s great too.  At the end of the day our customers are our livelihood so keeping them happy is the most important thing.”

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