Strip Club Taxis Banned

Adverts for exotic strip clubs have been banned by Scotland’s biggest city as bosses at Glasgow City Council refused to allow staff to travel in hackney cabs displaying the ads. Deputy leader Jim Coleman, who is also chairman of Glasgow

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Violent Trend Leads to Taxi Murder

Sadly stories of cabbies suffering abuse and violence in the course of their daily and nightly work continue to be reported on an all-too-frequent basis throughout last year.  As we reflect back on 2009, no issue could be more chilling

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Trade Split on Taxi Fares

Supply and demand, margin and volume: how best do you set pricing to maximize profitability?  These are the age-old issues which every business must address and of course the taxi trade is no different really. You could argue that, in some

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CCTV – Option or Enforcement?

A number of local authorities are beginning to turn to the idea of making CCTV compulsory in cabs. Two major cities – Glasgow and Southampton – recently aired proposals to make CCTV a requirement for all taxis. Southampton City Council claimed

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Weymouth Taxi Driver’s 33 Years

For many, taxi driving is their chosen profession.  And for some, being a cabbie is something pursued over many, many years. One such dedicated example is Jock Brodie, 64, who has worked as a taxi driver in the picturesque Dorset seaside town of

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Mixed Report Card for Nation’s Cabs

Nobody likes the idea of Big Brother breathing down your neck.  Let’s face it, who would?  At the same time, the need for cab quality and paperwork to stand up to public scrutiny is hard to argue with, provided any

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LTI Dumps Dealers

Manganese Bronze Holdings PLC announced a pre-tax loss of more than £600,000 for the six months to June. Parent company of taxi assembler LTI, Manganese Bronze – whose largest share holder is Chinese car maker Geely automotive – blamed the

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Couple’s 37 Year Charitable Success

Many tales of generous cabbies reach the ears of The Cabbie but few are more impressive than the case of Brian and Heather Houssart, from Southend. 37 years ago, after helping out with the London cabbies’ outing to Southend, Brian

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Barnsley Death Heightens Debate

The tragic death of a Yorkshire teenager has sparked new controversy over cabbies’ working hours. Gary Glymond had just seen his team pull-off a massive quarter-final shock when little Barnsley beat the high-rollers of Chelsea 1-0 to dump the then

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