Tyre Tread and Safety Checks

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Butt is No Joke

Taxi driver Robert Goodwin, of Chatham in Kent, has been fined £200 after failing to pay an initial £80 fine, for dropping a cigarette butt in Aylesford. Sevenoaks magistrates court ordered Goodwin to pay a £200 fine, a victim surcharge

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Taxi Year of Choice

2009 proved to be the most momentous year yet in the long struggle to win freedom of choice for all UK cabbies. Over the past year, taxi operators in Nottingham, Norwich and Liverpool all won the right to choose a modern

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Taxi Signs Divide Opinon

Signage for private hire cars continues to split views among operators and licensing chiefs alike. Department for Transport guidance – recommending that private hire vehicles should not carry top signs – will go down well with many in the hackney

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Hull Ordeal

Taxi drivers continue to suffer some appalling treatment at the hands of so-called customers.  Shockingly it seems even female cabbies are not immune from violent robbery and abuse. One female taxi driver, who was robbed at knife point in Hull, has

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Wembly Success for Salisbury Firm

It’s been quite a year for Salisbury based taxi company the Value Cars Group.  The latest in a string of accolades for the cab operator is winning the award for Company of the Year from training agency Go Skills, in

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Hartlepool’s Local Hero

Here at  Cab Direct we’re frequently thrilled by stories of generous cabbies.  Never more so, however, than with the efforts of big-hearted taxi driver Stephen Picton, of Hartlepool. Steve, who started raising money for charity around three and a half

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Strip Club Taxis Banned

Adverts for exotic strip clubs have been banned by Scotland’s biggest city as bosses at Glasgow City Council refused to allow staff to travel in hackney cabs displaying the ads. Deputy leader Jim Coleman, who is also chairman of Glasgow

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Violent Trend Leads to Taxi Murder

Sadly stories of cabbies suffering abuse and violence in the course of their daily and nightly work continue to be reported on an all-too-frequent basis throughout last year.  As we reflect back on 2009, no issue could be more chilling

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Trade Split on Taxi Fares

Supply and demand, margin and volume: how best do you set pricing to maximize profitability?  These are the age-old issues which every business must address and of course the taxi trade is no different really. You could argue that, in some

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