Cab drivers help to keep Bury safe

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Wrexham Taxi Dash Cam Plans on Hold

Compulsory taxi dash camera plans have been postponed in Wrexham following concerns over legal risks. The cameras with auto-uploaded video, have been sought after from the government and other councils in a bid to increase passenger and driver safety. Compulsory

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Wigan Cabbies Confront Council Over Youth Incidents

Cabbies in Wigan have been discussing recent incidents involving young youths who are targetting taxi drivers and how this is impacting their livelihood.  The town centre has witnessed a string of crimes from yobs in the area with drivers demanding

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Portsmouth Cabbies Pleased with New Licensing Plans

Taxi drivers in Portsmouth are happy with the outcome of a recent licensing meeting. New plans are in place to loosen licensing rules following discussions held between taxi drivers and council members.  A large group of taxi drivers attended the

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Hull Female Cabbie Proudly Changing Perceptions

A woman taxi driver in Hull aims to change any negative perceptions associated with females in the trade. Michelle ‘Bella’ Wilkinson previously worked as a manager in a local betting shop before she made the decision to completely switch her

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Cabbies Challenge Council Over Clean Air Zone Plans

A heated council meeting was held as frustrated black cab drivers discussed clean air zone (CAZ) plans in Birmingham. The Taxi Owner’s Association (TOA), who represent taxi drivers in the city, said they were excluded from meetings between council licensing

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Council Project Criticised by Glasgow Taxi Drivers

A new council project underway in Glasgow city centre is negatively impacting taxi drivers’ livelihood. The £115 million pound ‘Avenue’ project aims to increase space for pedestrians on one of the busiest streets in Glasgow. Concerns Over Rank Use Taxi

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Minister Considers CCTV for All Taxis

CCTV could be installed in all black cabs and private hire taxis to protect both drivers and passengers. The initiative is being proposed by the government’s Taxi Minister in a bid to provide greater protection for the public. CCTV footage will only

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Welsh Taxi Firm Expands University Partnerships

Welsh taxi firm group, Veezu, has increased its number of university partnerships with the launch of its ‘Safe Taxi Scheme’ in Bath. The Newport based, leading private hire and taxi group, formed their latest partnership with Bath Spa University, to

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