Taxi Driver Digs Deep For £1,000 Defibrillator

A taxi driver has bought a £1,000 defibrillator out of his own money to help save lives. Richard Le Blond has been taxiing since 1976 and currently works for Southside Cars.  The Clifton-based taxi firm claim they are the first

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Taxi Firms Take to Ride-Hailing Autocab App

Stockport software company, Autocab, has seen a rapid increase of taxi firms using the app. The ride-hailing app technology hosts a booking and dispatch platform that allows local taxi firms to compete against competitors, such as Uber, in the taxi

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Glasgow Cabbies Potential Life-Saving CPR Training

Hundreds of Glasgow taxi drivers could be taught CPR in a plan to replicate London cab drivers and their life-saving skills.  The London Ambulance Service is training hackney drivers in the UK capital how to perform CPR on passengers in

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