Bolton Cabbie’s Vito Taxi Shot at by Gang

A Bolton cabbie has described the terrifying moment he came under fire from, what he terms, ‘hidden bandits’ who showered his cab with pellets from a high-velocity air pistol. Shattering a side window and cracking his windscreen as he drove

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Taxi Drivers Say No to Fares to Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Taxi drivers are reported to be turning down bookings from concert goers heading to this summer’s Radio 1 Big Weekend. The reason they’re giving is that the trip simply doesn’t represent good economic sense. One Big Problem for PHV’s &

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Watford Taxi Rank to be Slashed in Half

Taxi drivers in South Oxhey, Watford, are worried about the impact of a new development in the town’s busy Station Approach area that could potentially see the number of taxi bays cut from eight to four at the busiest rank. The

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Renfrewshire Cabbies Frozen Out

Renfrewshire councillors have agreed that metered taxi tariffs should be frozen for the next 18 months. A meeting of Renfrewshire Council’s Regulatory Functions Board unanimously agreed the decision in the hope that it will encourage the use of taxis and

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Cab Driver Assaulted After Teen Climbs Into Boot

Cab driver, Gary Aspden, was knocked to the ground in a fight that broke out after he realised that a drunk teenager had climbed into the boot of his cab recently. 19-year-old Ross Murray admitted assault when he appeared at

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