Cab drivers help to keep Bury safe

July 11, 2019

Taxi drivers are often the eyes and ears on the street and many drivers in Bury have taken a step further towards protecting the public.

Taxi and private hire drivers in Bury, north of Manchester, have recently taken training sessions to raise awareness of safeguarding issues. This essential training will help protect vulnerable members of their community.

The sessions involved drivers from the largest two private hire businesses across the region; Magnum Whiteline Taxis and Elton Bullitt taxis. Following its success, it has been rolled out to more than 1,000 Hackney carriage drivers and private hire drivers licensed in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury.

Making Bury a safer place

Local Councillor Tahir Rafiq has since made this training mandatory for all new applicants and taxi drivers who are currently licensed with Bury Council. He says “As taxi drivers you have a very important role to play in protecting the public and keeping society safe. We would like to thank you for being the first drivers to receive this training and contributing to making Bury a safe place to work, live and socialise.” (Source – 5 July 2019)

Trust 2 Ride

The program was run by Training company Personnel Checks in conjunction with the “Trust 2 Ride” training program that’s available across the UK.

The Trust 2 Ride Safeguarding Training program covers the following topics:

  • Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  • Human Trafficking, Recognising Indicators of Concern & Types of Abuse
  • Driver & Passenger Safety
  • Best Safeguarding Practice

After completing the course drivers will gain an understanding of risk indicators and enable them to identify possible victims of abuse and exploitation. You will also learn about sources of advice and the correct procedures for reporting concerns.

Personnel Checks want the Trust2Ride training to be a reassurance to both councils and to the public. It shows that taxi drivers have received formal driver safeguarding awareness training and that they know how to safeguard their passengers and themselves.

On completion, drivers will receive a certificate that can be displayed in their cab for passengers to see.

Another case of the cab trade playing a huge part in the community – well done to all the drivers who have taken this training program.

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