Volkswagen Kudos™ – Luxurious, Reliable & Versatile

Somerset taxi driver, Bogdan Milasan, was on the search for a new cab to replace his Volkswagen Passat after racking up an impressive 150,000 miles.

Looking for something that was wheelchair friendly, luxurious and staying loyal to the VW brand, Bogdan opted for the versatile Volkswagen Kudos™ .

Chatting to Cab Direct, Bogdan explains why he’s been impressed from day one with his new cab.

He said: “My Passat was so reliable, I knew I had to go with another Volkswagen. I purchased the Kudos and haven’t been disappointed, it ticks all the boxes.”

Thriving with Volkswagen

“I purchased the Kudos and I haven’t been disappointed with my choice, it ticks all the boxes.”

Volkswagen’s 2.0 litre TDi diesel engine delivers superb performance combined with impressive fuel savings and low emissions. It also drives like a dream. Reliable engineering and extensive class-leading safety features assure you of a long and trouble-free working life.

With almost seven years experience in the trade, Bogdan knows the importance of having a reliable, robust and efficient taxi to see him through a busy week’s work.

He said: “I do all kinds of work, from regular school runs to airport pick-ups and drop-offs. I also work night shifts over the weekend. It was vital that I had a vehicle I could trust. The Kudos has plenty of space for luggage and the fuel efficiency is great.”

Comfort and Convenience

Kudos™ makes every journey a pleasure. The vehicle’s long length means there’s plenty of legroom. Add standard features such as climatic air conditioning, radio/MP3 compatible CD player with steering-mounted audio controls, electric front windows and innovative storage solutions and Kudos is guaranteed to provide you and your passengers a relaxing trip, every fare.

Spending long hours on the road, comfort was a big priority for Bogdan when choosing his next car. He said: “My cab has everything I need. The adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support means I’m not aching at the end of my shift. It’s such a comfortable car to drive and it’s nice for my passenger to travel in too.”


With exceptional engineering and superb performance, Kudos™ excels as one of the most versatile taxis in the trade.

When required, Kudos’ lightweight FlatFold™ rear access ramp simply lifts from the vehicle floor, making loading wheelchair passengers easy and efficient.

Bogdan commented: “The wheelchair access on the Kudos is easy to use and gets the passengers in and out safely.”

Providing room for driver, wheelchair passenger and up to four seated passengers, Kudos™ is the ideal choice for today’s busy driver.

Professional and Efficient Service 

“I’ll recommend Cab Direct to all my taxi friends. The team is really professional.”

Bogdan speaks highly of the service he’s received at Cab Direct, before and after purchasing his new taxi.

He said: “I was approached during one of my shifts a few years ago and was told all about the company.

“I was interested and more than happy to provide them with my contact details to receive promotions and information through the post. It also allowed me to make an informed choice.

“Buying a taxi from Cab Direct was very easy. I was able to sort everything over the phone, from the comfort of my home. The vehicle was also delivered straight to my door at no extra charge.

“I’ll recommend Cab Direct to all my taxi friends. The team is really professional.”

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