Buying a Taxi – New v’s Used

August 29, 2019

If you’re looking for a new taxi, you’re probably asking the question: ‘Should I buy new or used?’

Cab Direct is the UK’s leading taxi sales specialist, with more than 20 years’ experience in the hackney and private hire industry. So, whatever your decision, we can help you find your perfect new or used taxi.

Make sure you do your homework first, because some local authorities insist their taxi drivers own a new vehicle. If that’s not the case for you then here are some useful points to consider.

New Taxi – Advantages

You can choose the specification, colour, accessories and make it unique.

We have an extensive range of new vehicles for sale and buying new allows you to experience several benefits.

  • It’s yours – choosing to buy a new purpose built taxi or standard taxi means it becomes your very own to determine the details: you can choose the specification, colour, accessories and make it unique.
  • Safety is key – new models come with the latest in safety equipment, giving you peace of mind and reassurance as a driver.
  • Reliability – new cabs are less likely to break down and if there does happen to be a fault it will be under manufacturer’s guarantee (and hopefully an easy fix!)
  • Cheaper to run – the latest models offer fantastic fuel efficiencies, keeping fuel costs down as well as saving £££’s on your road tax due to lower emissions.

Used Taxi – Advantages

Used cars come at a reduced cost compared the MRRP

We have a wide range of used taxis for sale including second hand black cabs, saloons and taxis for wheelchair users.

  • Lower cost – used cars come at a reduced cost compared the MRRP, which might even allow you to opt for a higher spec model within your allocated budget.
  • Greater choice – going previously-owned offers more cars for you to choose from and some great deals. At Cab Direct we have a wide range of used taxis for sale, including  hybrids, saloons,  second hand black cabs and purpose built wheelchair accessible vehicles.
  • Value optimisation – the value of your car will decrease the most in the first year, so buying a quality used model means your cab will retain its value and reduce the depreciation rate.
  • Quality – buying a used vehicle doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality. All our Road Ready vehicles come with a 12-month comprehensive warranty, six months road tax, 52-point mechanical inspection and repair as well as being guaranteed to taxi test.

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