Avensis Taxi Delight

June 22, 2010

As the UK’s leading supplier of all types of taxi, Cab Direct often receives letters from happy customers – delighted not only with the service they’ve received but, more importantly, their new cab.  One such customer is Kevin Malpass, from County Durham.  Here’s what he wrote:

“Three years ago I was trawling my local car showrooms looking for a deal on an estate car that I could use as a taxi.  They all had different offers but nobody could give me what I wanted at the right price.  I was beginning to think I was asking too much until I found a flyer inside The Cabbie newspaper offering deals from Cab Direct.  I contacted them and was put through to sales agent, Richard Halliday, who recommended the Peugeot 307 SW.  Richard was very client focused and worked hard to get me the right cab at the right price.

“Everything was completed efficiently over the phone and when I received the car it was exactly what I wanted.  When it was written off three years later by a dangerous driver I had no second thoughts about contacting Richard again for a replacement.

“I had very specific requirements this time round.  I told Richard I wanted an estate taxi with room for four large suitcases, automatic transmission, Bluetooth connectivity and leather interior – oh and also that it had to be white.  Richard recommended the Toyota Avensis T4 Tourer.  Then only three weeks later I got a call to say my cab was ready!  The great thing about Cab Direct is they’re all about taxis.  They understand the trade and the needs and wants of the drivers.  It really puts you at ease when buying your taxi.

“The Toyota Avensis T4 Tourer is a new model with so many things as standard it’s hard to believe the price tag!  It has heated front seats – which my customers absolutely love – cruise control, triptronic automatic transmission, leather interior, Bluetooth, automatic headlights and wipers, plus keyless doors and ignition.  There’s a host of other features too – the list is endless.

“The comfort levels in the cab are fantastic too, both for me and my passengers.  After a 16 hour shift I get out of my cab feeling like I’ve only been driving for an hour.  It really is that good!!

“Another big plus is how the car holds the road in the snow.  I didn’t lose any work in all in heavy snow storms last winter – in fact I was often the only driver in the fleet left working.

“I simply can’t praise the Avensis enough as a taxi and wish to extend my thanks to Cab Direct and to Richard.  He went more than the extra mile to get me what I wanted and I won’t hesitate in recommending him and Cab Direct to fellow drivers. I too will be a return customer in the future.”

The Toyota Avensis remains a firm favourite with cabbies around the country and Kevin is testament to that.  It seems his cab is proving a big hit with his customers too. In fact, Kevin recently received a call from a customer who loved his new taxi so much that he asked if it would be available for his wedding.  Ever the accommodating cabbie, Kevin will be removing his taxi signs in favour of the usual wedding regalia for the big day this July.

If you would like more information on the Toyota Avensis™ call Cab Direct free on 0800 916 3021, email info@cabdirect.com or click here.

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