Aberdeen and Dundee Welcome Premier™ Taxi

August 19, 2010

Aberdeen and Dundee recently became the latest cities to host Cab Direct’s hackney taxi roadshows. Despite some dramatically changeable weather, both events proved a great success with many cabbies turning out to test-drive a selection of new cabs.

Cab Direct showcased a variety of their tailor-made taxis over the two days.  For full hackney specification the stunning Peugeot E7™ and the even more economically priced the Citroen EuroTaxi tick all the boxes.  For serious people-carrying capacity, including wheelchair access, nothing can trump the versatile Peugeot Eurobus™.  And for low cost wheelchair access, there’s simply no beating the all new Peugeot Premier™ – the latest addition to Cab Direct’s range.  The fantastic new model Toyota Avensis was also on hand for inspection.

Taxi Fare Potential

John Stevens, from Dundee, commented: “I drive a saloon car hackney at the moment and came along for a look with no particular vehicle in mind.  However, having seen the 9-seater Eurobus I realised how much work I turn away that I could get in on with a vehicle like this.  What’s more, I was surprised to find out that from Cab Direct it really doesn’t cost that much more than my saloon car.

“Now I’m delighted to be on my way to new earning-power with a new Peugeot Eurobus at my door.”

Star of the Show

In particular, cabbies turned out in force to test-drive the new Peugeot Premier™.  Not surprising really, given its incredible price tag.  With stylish good looks and the versatility to cater for wheelchair access and masses of luggage, the Premier™ has already proved a huge hit with taxi drivers since its launch.

Local Cab Direct sales representative, Alex Hazlett, commented: “We’ve had great success in both Aberdeen and Dundee with our tailor-made range of taxis over the years.  It looks like the Peugeot Premier™ is set to add to that.

“For many drivers, the Premier™ fits the bill perfectly.  In terms of value for money, you can’t beat it.  The space in the vehicle is phenomenal and the new FlexiFold™ wheelchair access ramp is both easy to use and incredibly versatile.  The fact that it can fold flat to the floor when not in use gives drivers something they’ve never had before.”

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