Cardiff Cabbie Recommends E7™

As a taxi driver of 19 years Iniruo Thomas has driven a number of vehicles in his time as a cabbie.  However, having taken delivery of his new Peugeot E7™ earlier this year, Iniruo has now found his perfect taxi

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Bradford Cabbies Smarten Up

Hackney taxi drivers in Bradford have taken it upon themselves to start wearing uniforms while on the job. A group of cabbies who work on the Bradford Interchange rank thought they could do their bit to help portray a more

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Safety Switch for Southampton Taxis

Southampton taxi drivers have been told they no longer require to have a first aid kit and fire extinguisher permanently in their cab. The change comes after some local cabbies voiced concerns about the equipment, which they fear could land them in the middle of

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Cabbies Petition Against Roof Sign Changes

Some hackney taxi drivers in Wokingham are campaigning against a proposal made by the council to change the roof signs on their vehicles. Wokingham Borough Council proposes that hackney carriages should all display the same standard taxi sign bearing the

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London’s Magical Taxi Tour

20/09/2013 Around 100 London taxi drivers switched off their meters in aid of the Annual Magical Taxi Tour, which gives children with life-threatening illnesses a chance to go on a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris. The big hearted taxi

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Edinburgh Taxis to Offer Free WiFi

Taxi licensing chiefs have given the go-ahead for the installation of free wi-fi in Edinburgh’s private hire vehicles and hackney taxis. Funding for the free service is to come from a range of commercial sponsors, in conjunction with top taxi

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E7™ Cab is King of the Road for Dave

In April last year Swindon became the latest in a long line of towns and cities to abandon the antiquated London Conditions of Fitness.  Since then, the UK’s most popular black cab for sale – Cab Direct’s Peugeot E7 –

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Taxi Roadshow UK Tour

Cab Direct’s roadshow team is having another busy year up and down the UK.  So far this ‘season’ our popular taxi roadshows have found their way to numerous towns and cities, including Manchester, Trafford, Liverpool, Norwich, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Derby. This August saw our

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