Worcester Overrun with Cabs

An investigation has been launched in to the number of hackney cabs in Worcester.  It’s the first time in 12 years that the number of cabs there has been properly reviewed. Too many cabs and too little rank space have

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Taxi Show Season Ends in the South

A busy calendar of taxi shows came to a close for the year as the Cab Direct roadshow team reached it’s most southerly point. The final shows of 2013, held in Southampton and Portsmouth, proved a huge success with dozens

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BBC Radio Taxi Feature

BBC Radio 5live is to run a feature highlighting the all too common issue of attacks on cab drivers. Producers of the national radio show are appealing for black cab or private hire drivers that would be willing to share their personal experience

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Court Stalls Nissan’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission proposal to have an exclusive, iconic taxi has been voided by the Manhattan State Supreme Court, just weeks before Nissan Motor Co Ltd was due to start active taxi sales with their

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MP Calls for Camera Cabs

Whether it’s verbal or physical abuse, run-away customers or damage to property, crimes against hard working taxi drivers are an all too common occurrence. Not so common, however, is an MP bringing this very issue to light in Parliament.  Bedfordshire

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Justice for Cornwall Cab Driver

We read all too often about violence against taxi and private hire drivers – and all too seldom about meaningful sentences being handed out to the perpetrators. Thankfully justice was seen to be done in the case of Truro private hire

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Bournemouth Rank Closure Sparks Debate

Taxi drivers in Bournemouth are shocked to hear that the council will support plans to close down the Horseshoe Common taxi rank. “Recipe for Disaster” Cabbies in the area have branded the proposal as a “recipe for disaster” and say

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Whopping £540 Fine for Birmingham Cabbie

Birmingham cabbie, Toheed Mirza, has been left livid after receiving £540 worth of driving fines in just one week for using the city’s bus lanes. Mr Mirza, member of The Birmingham Black Cab Drivers Association, protests that the new rules

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Justice for Newport Driver

Joseph Hickey, 34, from Newport has been jailed for 30 months after seriously assaulting a Newport private hire taxi driver in February this year. The court was told that driver Mohammed Mohit, 55, advised a heavily intoxicated Hickey that he couldn’t

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