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Free Wi-fi in Manchester Cabs

Multinational Corporation, Microsoft, recently introduced a free Wi-Fi service in 25 black cabs in Manchester. The company claims the service will be received well by taxi drivers. In reality; it seems the taxi trade may take some convincing. Views from

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Pre-reg Special from Peugeot and Cab Direct

Having enjoyed record breaking sales figures during 2013, Cab Direct has teamed up with long standing partner, Peugeot, to secure a limited supply of pre-registered vehicles.  These cabs, which are being advertised with up to £1,000 off the list price,

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Bravery Award for Taxi Hero

Long standing member of the LTDA, John Ward, has been handed the high-status Hitch Award for Bravery by the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers (WCHCD) in recognition of his act of bravery in September 2010. Exceptional Bravery On September

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Double the Dosh for Dean

November brought delight to yet another unsuspecting cabbie as taxi sales specialists Cab Direct announced the latest winner in their quarterly prize draw. The lucky recipient this time round was Dean Hudson, from Barnsley, who was shocked to hear that

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Cab Ranks Spark Protest

The needs of the cab industry aren’t always high on the agenda of local planning authorities. This times its the taxi trade in Grimsby that’s paying the price for town centre ‘improvements’. But at least they have succeeded in getting

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By George! Devon Cab Driver Loses Appeal

Denise Said, of Newton Abbot, Devon, will continue her battle to be allowed to display a St George’s Cross sticker on her hackney cab.  Het pledge came after Teignbridge Council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee announced she must remove the sign or

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Traffic Blues for UK Taxi Drivers

New research shows that taxi drivers working in Belfast face the worst traffic delays anywhere in the UK.  Cabbies in Bristol, Brighton and Edinburgh also face an uphill struggle fighting their way through Britain’s most congested cities. Interestingly London, which

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Perfect Taxi Partner

Private hire taxi driver and father of three Rob Finlayson, from Glasgow, is in his seventh year as a private hire driver working in the city.  He is also one of the Peugeot Partner’s biggest fans and it’s not hard

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Worcester Overrun with Cabs

An investigation has been launched in to the number of hackney cabs in Worcester.  It’s the first time in 12 years that the number of cabs there has been properly reviewed. Too many cabs and too little rank space have

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