Santa’s Pre-Reg Special

Santa’s Pre-reg Special Don’t miss out on your chance to bag the UK’s favourite, modern-style taxi for less this Christmas!  We currently have a limited supply of 62 plate, pre-registered E7’s in stock with £1,000 off the list price.  These

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Crawley Fare Increase

Hackney taxi drivers in Crawley have been given the stamp of approval for an increase. Crawley Borough Council had a long discussion as to whether the rise in fares could be justified and whether or not there was enough evidence

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Sheffield Taxi Course Praised

An introductory training course has been hailed a great success by new taxi drivers in Sheffield. 220 and Counting Over 220 students have now completed the week-long course, run by Sheffield College.  Entitled: ‘Introduction to the role of the professional taxi and private hire

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Don’t Tie Us Down Say Elgin Cabbies

Taxi drivers in Elgin, in North East Scotland, have reacted furiously to a proposal that they should wear a shirt and tie to help boost the image of the town. George Littlejohn, Elgin Community Council’s spokesman on road and transport issues, believes this

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Tendring Cabbies Red Flag to Green and White Taxi Idea

A controversial plan to turn all Tendring taxis green and white could be abandoned or watered down after furious opposition from local taxi drivers. Licensing officials at Tendring District Council (TDC) want all taxis for sale to have a standard design

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M8™ is a Capital Drive for Converted TX Driver

Change is never an easy thing. However, career long TX driver Ian Mathieson made the momentous decision to change his taxi to a M8 Mercedes Vito taxi and hasn’t looked back since. Ian says: “It wasn’t an easy decision to change

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On Cue with Auto E7™

Even the unusually wet summer weather couldn’t dampen the mood of Glasgow taxi driver, Billy Cusack, as became the first cabbie in the city to get behind the wheel of the new automatic E7™ taxi. Billy enthuses: “I love automatic vehicles so, when

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Taxi Ban U-turn at Waverley

Taxi drivers and disability groups have expressed delight at the decision to reverse the taxi ban at Edinburgh Waverley train station. However rail chiefs warned that there are many issues to be resolved before the station could return to normal.

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Britain’s Taxi Drivers Love Their E7™!

Ask cab drivers what they think about the UK’s leading modern style hackney taxi for sale and the most common answer is simply: “I love my E7!” The popular E7 taxi, designed and manufactured jointly by Cab Direct and Peugeot, has revolutionised the

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