Eurobus Taxi Caters for all Fares

Mark Cowley, from The Isle of Man, recently took delivery of a brand new Peugeot Eurobus and he’s delighted not only with his new cab but also the service supplied by Cab Direct. Mark has been driving for 20 years now, the

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Another Ecstatic Cab Direct Winner

Cabbie Terry Cooper is the latest winner in Cab Direct’s £500 cash giveaway.  Not surprisingly, he was over the moon with the news and couldn’t quite believe his luck. He comments: “You’ve made my year!” On being asked how he

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Khalid Finds his Perfect Cab

Experienced cabbie Khalid Hafeez, from Edinburgh, has owned and worked in no less that four cabs in the last 18 months but is happy to report that he has found the perfect vehicle for the job in the Mercedes-Benz M8 hackney

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Knowsley Delight with E7 Cab

Since being passed by the Council last  August the Peugeot E7 cab has become a regular sight in and around taxi ranks in the Merseyside borough of Knowsley. The decision by the licensing committee to approve the E7 taxi as a Hackney Carriage was

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Freedom Represents Unbeatable Value

After 15 years as a cabbie John Ireton, from Colchester, is starting to look forward to his retirement.  However, he hasn’t quite said goodbye to his driving days yet and last year took delivery of a new Fiat Freedom from

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Taxi Driver of the Year goes E7

When Malcolm Lees decided to look for a new hackney cab he came down firmly in favour of the New Peugeot E7 XS from Cab Direct. Malcolm’s was the first new model E7 to don the streets of Burton-on-Trent.  Like many drivers

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E7 Taxi Passed in Nottingham

Cabbies’ favourite, the Peugeot E7 hackney taxi, has been approved by Nottingham City Council. The news means the E7 is now welcome in the streets of over 95% of the UK’s licensing authorities and in all but six of Britain’s 60

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New Scrappage Scheme Taxi Hotline

Finally there’s some good news for hard-pressed cabbies. Taxi owners and operators will be able to take advantage of the government’s new vehicle scrappage initiative, after Cab Direct became one of the first industry suppliers to announce their participation in

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Four of the Best

Noel MaGuire, from Maghera in County Derry, has recently taken delivery of no less than four new vehicles from Cab Direct.  Add that to the other three he’s bought over the years and there’s little doubt as to who his

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