Peugeot E7 black cabs for sale - Passenger Comfort

Peugeot E7 Black Cabs for Sale - Passenger Comfort

E7's spacious passenger compartment promises your passengers a relaxing journey, every fare.

Excellent road-holding and modern suspension guarantee passengers a flat and comfortable ride. Inside, comfortable facing seating accommodates six passengers in the rear compartment. Plus, with the addition of our new soft-sit rear tip up seats, your customers will now enjoy even greater comfort levels.

Finished to the highest quality using proven, hard-wearing material, the passenger area benefits from separately controlled heating. Similarly the dash-mounted EasyTalk two-way intercom - uniquely designed for the E7 taxi with variable audio control - makes communication easy. Business passengers can even plug in their laptop as they enjoy the journey.

Bags of Space

Whether it's hotels, train stations or airport runs, today's passengers often come with plenty of luggage. Which is why the E7 brings you an amazing 70% more luggage space. Even better, the celebrated EasySlide rear seat enables you to create even more space for loading cases out of harm's way. You can also choose an additional luggage pen up front, beside the driver. You even have the option of the E7 Plus™, the long wheelbase model, which is ideal for regular airport fares.

Safety Zone

Sadly, protection from violence against taxi drivers is becoming ever more important. The new and improved steel reinforced partition features a high-impact protection screen tested to European standards. The driver can also choose added security by locking both front doors while the rear doors remain open for passengers.