Peugeot E7 black cabs for sale -  Taxi Features

Peugeot E7 Black Cabs for Sale - Taxi Features

Cab Direct and Peugeot bring you a new generation, purpose-built for the professional taxi driver with even more ground breaking features.

Taxi Features

  • FareAssist™ quick release door system
  • Full high-impact, new and improved, protection partition screen
  • Pay tray with cash tray
  • Separate locking of front or all doors (driver controlled)
  • Motion-activated automatic door locking
  • Full wheelchair access
  • Two-way intercom with dashboard integrated on/off, front/rear & volume controls
  • Front high-visibility LED taxi sign
  • Separately controlled rear saloon heater
  • EasySlide™ rear seat for additional luggage space

Access Features:

  • Manual side step; or new, increased power, twin drive, electric side step (electric step controlled from driver cab & self-retracting on handbrake release)
  • Self-retracting wheelchair restraints
  • Folding flatbed or EasyGlide™ under-floor ramp
  • High visibility grab handles
  • Lap & diagonal three-point seat belt for wheelchair passenger
  • Wider entrance door & access ramp
  • Large flat-floor area for turning & restraining wheelchair
  • Option of forward facing stance for some wheelchairs (SE & XS models)