Cab ban at Waverley Station will disadvantage travelling public

Outrage over Waverley Rank Ban


Edinburgh Council bosses are continuing their efforts to oppose Network Rail's plan to ban taxis from Edinburgh Waverly Station.

For years, the main Waverly taxi rank has been location inside the station, providing safe and convenient access for railway passengers.

Earlier this year Network Rail announced the move to change this tried and tested arrangement , claiming it is as part of a nationwide security clampdown in the run-up to the London Olympics.

However City Council transport leader Lesley Hinds commented: “We’re asking Network Rail to think again. There must be a balance struck between security concerns and providing proper access to the station and we don’t feel there has been.  The plan put to us currently is not acceptable”.

Network Rail are currently in discussions with the Council to provide new taxi ranks outside the station. The council however want to put plans on hold before work begins on installing bollards on the ramps leading to and from Waverley Bridge. This would leave commuters with a steep climb to reach the new rank on Waverley Bridge.

Network Rail chiefs are refusing to budge, claiming that they are enforcing a government policy.  Sounds to us like a poorly disguised excuse for messing up arrangements which have served the travelling public well for decades. 


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