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Ormskirk Town Centre

Taxi Business Owner Foots the Bill for Marshals

Lancashire taxi business' plea to council for a helping hand.
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Bradford Cabbie Crowned Hero by Police.
Cabbie goes in pursuit of hit and run car.

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Taxi Firms Tackle Fraud Scandal in Oxford.
Drivers unwittingly being used by criminals as part of money scam.

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Taxi Marshal Plans Anger Dundee Cabbies.
Taxi drivers may have to absorb costs of council plans.

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Justice for Hartlepool Cabbie.
Male sentenced at Teeside Crown Court for assault on taxi driver.

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Windsor Cabbies Angered By Council Plans.
Penalties for taxis sitting idle outside ranks.

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London Taxi Chiefs Target Surburban Drivers.
Transport for London launches consultation on local licenses.

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