Taxi Driver of the Year goes E7

Malcolm Lees takes delivery of his New Peugeot E7 XS from Cab Direct's Ian Hallam


When Malcolm Lees decided to look for a new hackney cab he came down firmly in favour of the New Peugeot E7 XS from Cab Direct.

Malcolm's was the first new model E7 to don the streets of Burton-on-Trent.  Like many drivers in the area Malcolm was previously driving the E7’s predecessor, the Euro 7, but decided it was time to treat himself to the UK’s best loved modern hackney taxi. 

And why shouldn’t he?  After all, Malcolm was named East Staffordshire Borough Council’s driver of the year for the second year running!

Taxi Driver of the Year
A Council spokesperson commented: “Winners were not chosen on the quantity of slips received from customers but rather on the quality of the reasons given for voting for the driver.” 

On choosing Malcolm, for the second year running, they continued: “Malcolm was chosen because of his respect for disabled passengers. Nothing is too much trouble for him; he is always cheerful, he opens the door for you and will even help you in and out of his taxi, which is always immaculate.”

Malcolm was understandably delighted upon hearing the news and said: “It's so rewarding to know that my customers are happy.  I am delighted to be Taxi Driver of the Year and now I have the perfect cab to go with it!”

Comfort Cab
Malcolm, who has been a cabbie for eight years, can’t fault New E7.  He explains:  “New E7 is simply effortless to drive.  It’s a beautiful cab.  And the comfort levels are superb.” 

Inspired vehicle design has created even greater driver comfort in the New E7.  The carefully sculpted driver’s seat comes with active, pump-action height and tilt adjustment which, combined with steering column adjustment, allow you to create
your optimum driving positions.  The top specification driver’s seat even provides additional lumbar support – perfect for anyone who spends long hours behind the wheel. None of which has gone unnoticed by Malcolm. 

Malcolm comments: “Whoever designed New E7’s driver’s seat deserves a medal – and I would happily be there to pin it on!”

Malcolm is also impressed by New E7’s spaciousness.  He explains:  “The room in the E7 is phenomenal.  I recently took six passengers with eight bags of luggage, no problem.  In fact, in my first week with the new cab I had eleven airport runs and E7 just swallows the luggage.

"The driveability of the cab is just tremendous too,”  adds Malcolm.  With 70% more luggage space and the celebrated EasySlide™ rear seat enabling you to create more space to suit your fare, it's easy to see why more and more cabbies are turning to E7 as the ideal taxi for the job. 

The Cab to Have
Not only do Malcolm’s customers love his new cab but the other drivers in his area do too.  He comments:  “When I got my new taxi all the other drivers were lining up to shake my hand.  Everyone says the Peugeot E7 is the cab to have.”

And there’s no doubt about Malcolm’s supplier of choice: “Cab Direct are a fabulous company to deal with.  From start to finish, I've nothing but praise.”

For more information on New Peugeot E7 call Cab Direct on 0800 916 3021, visit or email


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