Peugeot Eurobus - A Different Class

Perry Everitt with his new Peugot Eurobus taxi


Perry Everitt, from Braintree in Essex, is more than delighted with his new Peugeot Eurobus taxi from Cab Direct. 

Perry didn’t reach his decision on which cab to buy lightly.  He was determined to do his homework before making his final choice.   However, after attending the annual taxi show in Coventry and assessing all the options, the Eurobus was his clear winner.

Perry explains: “I had a close look at all the vehicles on offer at the taxi show that met the requirements I was looking for.  However, I found the alternatives to be of a far inferior build quality.  Compared with competitors, the Eurobus is miles head.”

And since receiving his new taxi earlier this year, Perry has continued to be impressed.  He comments: “There’s simply nothing I don’t like about the Eurobus – it’s an excellent cab.”

Versatility Made Simple

In the UK’s hard working taxi industry you need a vehicle that fits your needs, whatever the nature of your business.  Versatility is crucial and the Eurobus cab offers the ultimate in flexibility with wheelchair accessibility combined with multiple seating capacity and huge luggage space.

Perry has found the perfect vehicle for the job in the Eurobus.  He says: “I can’t praise the Eurobus highly enough.  It provides the perfect vehicle as a taxi.  But also has the versatility to be used for more executive work too - it is ideal for what I need.”

Comfort Cab

The Peugeot Eurobus taxi has been built with driver comfort in mind - something which Perry has definitely noticed.  He comments: “The comfort levels in the Eurobus are fantastic.  The driving position is the best of any cab I’ve driven before.  I do a lot of hours and I don’t find myself as tired at the end of a shift.”

Nothing but Positives

With the superb 2.0 litre Peugeot HDi engine as standard in every Eurobus you’re assured of plenty of power and a smooth ride.  Perry says: “It’s a great vehicle to drive.  And the 6-speed gearbox is ideal for airport runs.”  Not only that, the latest generation of HDi engines is a staggering 20% more efficient, which means you are certain to be better off at the end of every shift. 

Perry continues in his praise: “I am only too happy to recommend the Eurobus to other drivers.  In fact, I tell them not to bother even looking elsewhere.  No company can please everybody all of the time but personally I’ve found the service at Cab Direct to be spot on. I can’t fault my new taxi or Cab Direct at all.”

For more information on the Peugeot Eurobus taxi call Cab Direct on 0800 916 3058, email or click here.

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